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Q : What will The Berlin City Banks ("BCB") Internet Banking do for me ?

A : Internet Banking offers you another convenient way to access your Berlin City Bank accounts. Once you have successfully applied for Internet Banking, you will be able to perform a variety of routine banking transactions on-line. A few examples include account information inquiry, statement retrieval, on-line transfers between accounts, and on-line viewing of transactions and images of your checks . . . long distance banking has never been easier !

Q : What will I need to get started ?

A : Any Internet-enabled device, such as a personal computer, can interface with BCBs Internet Banking service. The security system also requires that you use a Web browser which is capable of supporting 128-bit encryption.

Q : How do I access BCBs Internet Banking ?

A : Stop in at any Berlin City Bank office and complete your Internet Banking application today. Once it has been reviewed and approved and you receive confirmation, you simply click on the Internet Banking button on the banks home page, located at

Q : Will I incur any additional costs for Internet Banking ?

A : NO . . . BCB customers will receive routine Internet Banking services at no additional cost. Internet Banking is a service offered for your convenience by The Berlin City Bank.

Q : What accounts will be available through Internet Banking ?

A : You will have on-line access to those accounts you designate during the BCB Internet Banking application process.

Q : Will I have 24-hour access to my accounts ?

A : Yes, Internet Banking will generally be available to you round-the-clock, every day of the year. However, there may be times when your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is experiencing "down time" during which you will not have access to any Internet services. Down time may also occur occasionally when we are performing routine maintenance on our systems.

Q : How often is my account information updated ?

A : Most of the information you will view when you use Internet Banking is updated each day.

Q : Can I view a demonstration of BCBs Internet Banking ?

A : Yes. You may sample the features of The Berlin City Banks Internet Banking by simply clicking here to access the Internet Banking Demo.

Q : I am concerned about my privacy when using the Internet. Should I be ?

A : Absolutely, and so are we. The Berlin City Bank is very serious about this issue and has developed an extensive policy to help protect you and your privacy. Details of that policy are available by clicking on the Privacy Policy button located on the home page, or simply click here for more details.

Q : What measures have been taken by The Berlin City Bank to ensure the security of my Internet Banking transactions ?

A : Information encoding, a PIN (Personal Identification Number) "lockout" system, and automatic log-off are just some of the methods used by The Berlin City Bank to protect your Internet Banking transactions. More detailed information can be found on our Security Information page which you may view by clicking here.

Q : I have other questions regarding Berlin City Bank's Internet Banking. How can I get answers ?

A : For further information regarding The Berlin City Banks Internet Banking, simply call (800) 442-6666 and ask for Electronic Banking.



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